Vagrant Guide
This project includes a Vagrantfile that will allow you to build a new firmware for your keyboard very easily without major changes to your primary operating system. This also ensures that when you clone the project and perform a build, you have the exact same environment as anyone else using the Vagrantfile to build. This makes it much easier for people to help you troubleshoot any issues you encounter.


Using the Vagrantfile in this repository requires you have Vagrant as well as a supported provider installed:
Other than having Vagrant, a suitable provider installed and possibly a restart of your computer afterwards, you can simple run a 'vagrant up' anywhere inside the folder where you checked out this project and it will start an environment (either a virtual machine or container) that contains all the tools required to build this project. There is a post Vagrant startup hint that will get you off on the right foot, otherwise you can also reference the build documentation below.

Flashing the Firmware

The "easy" way to flash the firmware is using a tool from your host OS:
If you want to program via the command line you can uncomment the ['modifyvm'] lines in the Vagrantfile to enable the USB passthrough into Linux and then program using the command line tools like dfu-util/dfu-programmer or you can install the Teensy CLI version.

Vagrantfile Overview

The development environment is configured to run the QMK Docker image, qmkfm/qmk_cli. This not only ensures predictability between systems, it also mirrors the CI environment.


Why am I seeing issues under Virtualbox?

Certain versions of Virtualbox 5 appear to have an incompatibility with the Virtualbox extensions installed in the boxes in this Vagrantfile. If you encounter any issues with the /vagrant mount not succeeding, please upgrade your version of Virtualbox to at least 5.0.12. Alternately, you can try running the following command:
vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbguest

How do I remove an existing environment?

Finished with your environment? From anywhere inside the folder where you checked out this project, Execute:
vagrant destroy

What if I want to use Docker directly?

Want to benefit from the Vagrant workflow without a virtual machine? The Vagrantfile is configured to bypass running a virtual machine, and run the container directly. Execute the following when bringing up the environment to force the use of Docker:
vagrant up --provider=docker

How do I access the virtual machine instead of the Docker container?

Execute the following to bypass the vagrant user booting directly to the official qmk builder image:
vagrant ssh -c 'sudo -i'
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