Translating the QMK Docs

All files in the root folder (docs/) should be in English - all other languages should be in subfolders with the ISO 639-1 language codes, followed by - and the country code where relevant. A list of common ones can be found here. If this folder doesn't exist, you may create it. Each of the translated files should have the same name as the English version, so things can fall back successfully.

A file should exist in this folder with a list of links to each file, with a translated name, and link preceded by the language folder:

* [QMK简介](zh-cn/

All links to other docs pages must also be prefixed with the language folder. If the link is to a specific part of the page (ie. a certain heading), you must use the English ID for the heading, like so:

## 建立你的环境 :id=set-up-your-environment

Once you've finished translating a new language, you'll also need to modify the following files:

  • docs/ Each line should contain a country flag as a GitHub emoji shortcode followed by the name represented in its own language:

    - [:cn: 中文](/zh-cn/)
  • docs/index.html Both placeholder and noData objects should have a dictionary entry for the language folder in a string:

    '/zh-cn/': '没有结果!',

    The nameLink object, for setting the "QMK Firmware" heading link in the sidebar, must also be added to:

    '/zh-cn/': '/#/zh-cn/',

    And make sure to add the language folder in the fallbackLanguages list, so it will properly fall back to English instead of 404ing:

    fallbackLanguages: [
    // ...
    // ...

Previewing the Translations

See Previewing the Documentation for how to set up a local instance of the docs - you should be able to select your new language from the "Translations" menu at the top-right.

Once you're happy with your work, feel free to open a pull request!